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Tour of Yonkers Sewage Plant 
Yonkers, NY  
Saturday, March 7  at 10 a.m.

Ever wonder what happens to water after it leaves your house? Here is your opportunity to find out.

Sewage treatment is an important part of our city's health and ecology infrastructure. Disposing of and treating sewage properly prevents the spread of disease such as cholera.  In addition, sewage plants are now tapped as a source for methane gas which is used to run generators that power the facility.

Come along as we "follow the flow" of sewage as it gets treated in the plant and find out what happens to the end product.
Preference is given to educators and people that work in the ecology field.  
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Beneath the Sea
8th Annual
Marine Careers Program
High  School  &  College  Students

FRIDAY,  MARCH  27,  2015

9AM - 5PM

Holiday  Inn  (across  from  Meadowlands  Exposition  Center)
300  Plaza  Drive,  Secaucus,  NJ  07094

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