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As you know, NYBTA has gone GREEN and has ceased sending meeting notices via USPS and is sending notices via e-mail and also posting them on our web site.  This saves paper and postage and, with our all-volunteer staff, saves money.

We are passing the savings on to you.  NYBTA HAS CUT ITS MEMBERSHIP DUES IN HALF.

We will continue to have meetings and events and continue to be a clearinghouse for information of use to biology teachers.  Information of events sponsored by other organizations will be posted on our web site and e-mailed to you as a single URL or post which will not clutter your in-box.  NYBTA is an NABT affiliate and members get discounted registration at the SCONYC conference.

In order to renew your membership or if you are not currently a member, please return the form below.  As has been our policy, we will NOT share your information with other organizations.  Please duplicate this form and share it with your colleagues.

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To join or renew, click here for the membership form.  As has been our policy, we will NOT share your information with other organizations.

NYBTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Dues are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Why you should join NYBTA

As schools continue to move into different phases of educational reform, one factor that is consistent in each school plan is the need for professional development.  Finding programs to assist in professional development in a convenient and enjoyable form is often difficult. The New York Biology Teachers’ Association can help.

We are an organization of teachers helping teachers. For more than 100 years the NYBTA has been providing our members with lectures, workshops, and field trips in a collegial atmosphere that makes professional development meaningful and enjoyable.

Whether you are seeking ideas for creative lessons or wishing to hone your skills, NYBTA is for you. We provide opportunities for teachers in a sociable atmosphere.

NYBTA members have the opportunity to enter their students' research projects in NYBTA's Otto Burgdorf Student Science Research Competition.

Regular participation not only helps one grow professionally, but increases the number of colleagues with whom one can interact. Our modest $10.00 annual dues are possible because of our all-volunteer staff and our use of e-mail and our website for notices. Join us and share the experience! 

NYBTA is an affiliate of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and the Science Council of New York City (SCONYC). 

NYBTA members are entitled to a discount at the annual SCONYC conference. 

Become active beyond your school.

Please share information about NYBTA with your colleagues and encourage them to become active members through regular participation in NYBTA activities.


The New York Biology Teachers Association was founded in 1899. Through its activities, the NYBTA seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of Biology among all citizens.
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Otto Burgdorf Student Science Research Competition

2009 Otto Burgdorf Student Science Research Competition Winners  can be found here.

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